Baidu exposed an unmanned excavator patent which can be automatically controlled

Recently, Beijing Baidu Technology Co., Ltd. published a patent for "a control method of excavating machinery and excavating machinery".


The patent abstract shows that the invention provides a control method of an excavating machine, which relates to the technical field of automation control, especially to the field of automation control of construction machinery. Excavator accessories are one of the main types of Holdwell Parts.


The specific implementation scheme is: by determining the linear path of the initial excavation point and the current position. At the same time, the surrounding environment information of the excavating machinery is obtained, and in the case of a conflict between the straight path and the obstacle position, the lateral safety distance position of the obstacle position is used as the trajectory relay position; Following the position, the planned trajectory of the excavator is determined, and the automatic control of the excavator can be realized.

From: Ironclad Construction Machinery Website