Accelerate the construction of an industrial Internet technology innovation path with Chinese characteristics

Under the background of China's promotion of "manufacturing power" and "network power", the innovation and development of industrial Internet has become an important starting point for boosting the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry, and has been included in the government work report for five consecutive times.


With the deepening of industrial Internet exploration, this intelligent optimization closed-loop of "data-driven + industrial knowledge" will be applied to the entire industrial chain and the whole value chain of the industry, covering more application scenarios, and promoting the formation of data-driven product R&D, manufacturing, business services and industrial configuration, and further expand to other fields such as transportation, medical care, and cities. It can be said that rapid perception, agile response, dynamic optimization and global intelligent collaboration are the core competitiveness of the Industrial Internet.


Judging from the historical development law of the manufacturing industry, each introduction of innovative technology often brings a 20-30-year cycle of technological dividend release, triggering huge changes in production methods, business forms, management models and business models. and releasing huge industrial value in the process. Holdwell will contrive to seize this opportunity.


Generally speaking, China's industrial Internet has completed the process of starting from nothing. In the next step, the focus of development is to solve the problem of popularization and deepening.


Yu Xiaohui, president of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and chairman of the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, said that the progress made on the supply side of the industrial Internet stems from three reasons:


First, supply-side enterprises have launched industrial Internet solutions from endogenous power.


Second, demand-side enterprises drive platform and solution innovation based on actual needs.


Third, governments have introduced the top-level design and supporting policies of the industrial Internet to accelerate the development of platforms and solutions.


Looking forward to the future, in the development of the Industrial Internet, the unknown is far greater than the known. With the gradual deepening of practice, many new technologies, new models, and new formats will continue to emerge.


From: Industrial Internet Branch of China Construction Machinery Association