How to change engine oil and oil filter

Remove the bottom plate under the oil pan and place an oil container under the oil drain.


In order to prevent oil from splashing on your body, slowly pull down the drain handle to drain the oil, wait for the oil to drain and leave it for 5 minutes, then lift the handle to close the drain valve.


Open the right rear side door and remove the oil filter with a filter element wrench.


Clean the filter element seat, fill the new filter element with clean oil, apply oil (or apply a thin layer of grease) to the sealing surface and threaded part of the filter element, and then install the filter element on the filter element seat.


Make the sealing surface contact with the sealing surface of the filter element seat when installing, and then further tighten 3/4-1 turn.


After replacing the filter element, open the hood, add oil through the oil filler, and check the oil drain valve for oil leakage. After 15 minutes check that the oil level is between the maximum and minimum marks.


Install the baseplate.