High temperature continues rising in summer, be cautious about loader water tank maintenance

Has your loader equipment water tank been maintained according to the maintenance requirements during hot summer? This can better protect the water tank and prevent the high temperature of the water tank from affecting the normal operation of the equipment.


- The heat sink outside the water tank should be washed with a little pressure of water. The water pressure should not be too high, otherwise the heat sink will be washed out and deformed. And the front and back of the heat sink of the water tank should be cleaned.

- Start the loader for about 5 minutes first, turn off the water temperature at 30 degrees, and drain the water in the water tank; turn off the water switch after discharging, and refill the water; start it for a few minutes, and then release the water until the water is released to be clear. Remember not to add water to the water tank after cleaning, and antifreeze should be added.

- During the normal use of the loader, please do not open the water tank cover after parking, because the steam in the water tank will cause burns.

- Antifreeze must be added to the water tank. If the water tank is filled with water, it is easy to produce scale, which will block the pipes of the water pipe box and cause poor water return and high temperature.