How to maintain the excavator fresh new, do these five things well!

Engines, hydraulic systems, electrical appliances, large and small arms, and four-wheel belts are called the 5 major parts of the excavator. The lifespan of the excavator is closely related to these five major items, so how to improve the service life of the excavator? These maintenance points must be kept in mind.


How to maintain the excavator engine?

  • The engine oil filter must use normal parts and be replaced according to the specified maintenance cycle;
  • Try to use diesel provided by regular gas stations, and filter before adding;
  • Drain water at the bottom of the diesel tank and the oil-water separator before starting daily work;
  • Check the air filter frequently;
  • Do not use idle speed for a long time for saving fuel in order to prevent carbon deposition;
  • Check the water tank pump every day to prevent water shortage and leakage, so as not to cause the engine to overheat or flush the cylinder.


Maintenance of hydraulic walking rotation system?

  • Replace the hydraulic oil return filter element according to the maintenance cycle, and pay attention to the pilot filter element whether there are impurities, iron filings, copper filings, etc. ;
  • If the crusher is used frequently, it will cause the hydraulic oil to deteriorate and accelerate, so the oil change period should be shortened;
  • Do not operate without oil for a long time. After replacing hydraulic oil or hydraulic components, be careful to remove air and keep waterproofing, do not work in deep water, and do not wash electrical components directly with water when cleaning;
  • Replace the gear oil of the rotary reducer and rushing reducer periodically.


How to maintain the electrical system of the excavator?

  • Be careful to keep waterproofing and do not work in deep water, do not directly wash electrical components with water, and do not stack sundries in the battery box, especially metal tools, which are easy to cause fire;
  • Avoid using iron wire and copper wire instead of insurance, and do not use substandard insurance instead. When the excavator is parked for a long time, cut off the battery line to prevent leakage. Prevent instrument panel, fuse box, sensor solenoid valve and bus part from rain.

How to maintain the excavator chassis and four-wheel area?

  • Regular maintenance and inspection of the four-wheel area, and also pay attention to cleaning the soil, bolt part, soil and debris;
  • Add butter, and when wading in water with the water flowing over the rotating ring gear, be careful to replace the butter in the rotating ring gear. And apply butter to the exposed metal parts to prevent rust when the excavator is parked for a long time.

Large and small arms of the excavator

  • The oil pressure of the big and small arms, the hydraulic cylinder and the bucket need to be checked every day, whether the bolts are loose, falling off or missing, and fastened them in time, check whether the structure is cracked or deformed;
  • Park the excavator by observing the surrounding environment to park it on a solid, stable and hard road. When parking, make sure the bucket cylinder fully retracts the bucket and falls to the ground, preventing the cylinder from being hit. Be careful to avoid the cylinder piston rod from being scratched and oil leaking.