What should we do if the rain flows into the equipment after the rainstorm?

The dangers of moisture:

  • Reduced lubrication performance

Moisture will destroy the formation of the oil film, make the formed oil film thinner, reduce the lubricating performance greatly, and increase the wear sharply;

  • Corroded parts

The oxidation reaction between water and oil, plus a large number of metal particles produced by wear, form harmful substances in the oil, corrode components, and form sludge;

  • Reduce the oil lifespan

The oxidation reaction will also deteriorate or emulsify the oil, reducing the life of the oil;

  • Reduce equipment life

The various hazards caused by moisture will not only affect the normal operation of equipment and production lines, but also greatly reduce the service life of equipment, which will bring great harm to the increase of industrial production and value-added.


What to do if the water enters:

  • Power off and turn off the equipment

The first thing is to shut down the power supply to protect equipment and personal safety when returning to work after a rainstorm;

  • Cleaning and inspection

Clean up the sludge and dirt on the equipment, check whether the equipment is damaged when the situation allows, and deal with it in time;

  • Replace old oil with new oil

If there is a lot of water inflow, the old lubricating oil needs to be extracted and replaced with new pure lubricating oil to avoid greater losses.

  • Light load test run

Start the machine and connect the power supply, run at light load, check whether the oil supply is normal, whether the sealing of each part is good, and whether the operation can meet the production standards after the cleaning, inspection and oil change operations are all completed. Once everything appears in good condition, you can begin regular operation.


Three principles of water entering treatment for equipment:

  • Preliminary protection work must be in place

Water ingress can cause great damage to oil and equipment, so preliminary protection work is very important. Early detection, early treatment!

  • Pay attention to safety in the mid-term!

Water entering the equipment can easily lead to safety accidents. Remember to cut off the power supply when handling it! And clean up the surrounding sludge, debris, etc. to ensure environmental safety!

  • The post-check steps should be meticulous

During light-load operation, it is necessary to check carefully whether the various components are running regularly and whether the performance of the equipment meets the standard. Once any small abnormality occurs, it must be dealt with in time, otherwise it will cause greater losses! All these steps can actually be avoided.