Sany America and Leica Measurement Systems have entered into a partnership

Did you know?

Sany America and Leica Measurement Systems have entered into a partnership, pioneering the use of precision control technology in excavators and ground machines.


Leica Measurement Systems, a subsidiary of Hexagon, announced a partnership with Sany USA to improve the application and support of Leica measurement system machine control technology to Sany excavators and ground machines for greater accuracy.


With the help of Leica's more precise control technology, Sany can improve the precision of excavating and leveling equipment, thus keeping Sany products in the leading position in the industry. At the same time, the application of the control technology can make up for the influence of the uneven level of operator technology, further reduce work intensity, improve work efficiency, and help to protect the safety of workers, reduce the wear and tear of mechanical equipment.


The two companies have launched a joint technology access program whereby Sany dealers nationwide can provide customers with a variety of machine control solutions through lease and purchase agreements, installed and supported by certified Leica measurement system dealers. Now Holdwell provides Sany America with premium aftermarket components to ensure the efficient operation of your equipment.